Effatha - Be Opened

Pray with us the enthronement prayer of Christ as King

Jesus Christ today in your presence and that of God the Father and the Holy Spirit, as well as of your beloved Mother - the Blessed Virgin Mary - we recognize you, the Immortal King of the Ages, as our Lord, God and King of xxx (Our nation), the whole world and the universe.

Reign over us as you desire.

We give you our whole being and everything we have: soul and body, free will and all life.

We wish to belong to You, Jesus King of xxx (Our nation), now and in eternity.

We live and want to die for You, because You are all we have and we want nothing else but You.

You are our greatest love. Reign over our Homeland and the entire xxx Nation to which you have full and unexpired right.

Here, today and for all eternity, we recognized Your Lordship over us, Jesus Christ, the King of xxx (country). Amen

Glory be to the Father x3